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  • Transparent Alan Ashby!Source: Adam Elmakias

    Transparent Alan Ashby!

    Source: Adam Elmakias

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  • Transparent Alex Gaskarth!Source: Adam Elmakias

    Transparent Alex Gaskarth!

    Source: Adam Elmakias

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  • Transparent Chris Fronzak!
    Source: Chris McCoy

    -Racheal x

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  • Transparent Michael Bohn!Source:

    Transparent Michael Bohn!

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  • Transparent Youth in Revolt!Requested by: sleepingwithofmiceandthehorizon-Racheal x

    Transparent Youth in Revolt!
    Requested by: sleepingwithofmiceandthehorizon

    -Racheal x

    You don't even have Paramore on here why is Hayley in the side bar background thing

    We have done plenty of Paramore! 

    Our band tag page is still incomplete, which may be the reason as to why you think there is no Paramore. Sorry is that is the case, I’m working on adding more tags now!

    If worse comes to worse, just do a tagged/”whichever band you’re looking for”

    If nothing turns up, chances are we haven’t had a request for that band, this is where you can swing by and shoot us a suggestion!

    Hope this helps anon!
    If anyone else has any questions be sure to let us know!

    -Racheal xx

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  • Hannah Snowdon transparent!

    Hannah Snowdon transparent!

    What you use to make transparent??

    I use Photoshop, did use previously, so the images i make transparent should look a lil’ cleaner now!


    great blog! would love to see more Foster the People <3

    Thankyou! and sure thing, I’ll be doing a few tonight!! 



    Aw oh my gosh, thankyou!! 

    Sorry we’ve been a bit slack though, things should start picking up soon!


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  • transparent request!

Katie xx

    transparent request!

    Katie xx

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  • transparent Gerard!
Katie xx

    transparent Gerard!

    Katie xx